ABI TM22 Installing Multiple Sheet Piles together with Hydro Press (Silent)


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 TM1417V_9 TM1417V_10 Dear Clients,We are pleased to inform you that we currently have a used ABI TM14/17 available.

The Telescopic Mast has:
Maximum stroke of 17m
Slewing left and right 93 degrees
Prestressing Force Leader Cylinder 120 kN max
Extraction Force Leader Cylinder 200 kN max

Can be fitted with the following ABI tools:
MRZV-V Vibro Hammer (installing of sheet piles and casings)
Hydro-Press System (silent installing of sheet piles)
MDBA rotary (Pre-drilling, Continuous Flight Augers and Wet Speed Mixing)
VDW Double Rotaries (Cased Auger Piles, Pre-drilling, Continuous Flight Augers and Soil Mixing)

Changing between tools is within minutes with the ABI Docking system!

Kindly contact us if you have an enquiry!

 ABI Excavator Mounted Multi-Application DBA Rotary

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WSM-Sterzig2013 (5)
DBA-WSM-cut-off-wall-done (2)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1020566
DBA3200+RDV (12) 
ABI Excavator Mounted Multi-Application DBA RotaryWe will like to introduce the ABI DBA Rotary that can be mounted on an excavator.Suitable for:Soil Improvement/Grouting/Wet Speed Mixing
Torque of 4400 daNm or 3200 daNm
Capable of achieving diameter 900mm, depth 15m and rpm of 78 (subject to excavator and jobsite conditions)Pre-Boring
Capable of achieving depths of 18m (subject to excavator and jobsite conditions)Installing CasingGood for difficult to reach areas or low headroom work sites.Can be converted to a MDBA rotary that can be attached to an ABI rig.The ABI DBA rotary’s motor is from Hagglunds. It is a direct drive, gearless motor. Reliable, durable and low maintenance!
The ABI DBA rotary is meant to be run on 100% duty-cycle. Good for soil mixing or pre-boring into tougher soil condition when the rotary has to work for an extended period of time.A conventional rotary with high speed hydraulic motor and planetary reduction tends to over heat and burn up.Each ABI DBA rotary comes with a Storage Frame that keeps the rotary off the ground, provides easy transport and easy installation!


 Twin-Soil Mixing (3)Twin-Soil Mixing (4)Twin-Soil Mixing (2)Twin-Soil Mixing (1)  The ABI MOBILRAM TM 18/22 B was rented by American
Drilling to construct shoring for a five-story building with
one-level of below-grade parking. Twin-Soil mixing was
used to build a waterproof soil-cement wall for
excavation support during the construction of the belowgrade
parking structure.
The ABI rig was supplied with multiple-axis twin mix drill
head. The Twin Mixing tools were two 30 inch diameter
with extension drill rods to drill to a depth of 26 ft.
The mixing tool was overlapping the previous soil mix
columns, referred to as primary piles and drilling the
secondary piles to create a continuous soil-cement wall.
Reinforced H-beams, that were 28 ft. long, were being
placed in the center of the primary piles to create strength
for a structural retaining wall for the excavation pit. Once
the retaining wall was exposed, the contractor scraped the
wall flat to allow water proofing to be installed without
gunite, saving time and money.
A G&H monitoring system was used to record all soil
mixing data such as grout flow, grout volume, drill depth
and drill head RPM. The operator was able to see all the
data in real time in the cab to allow him to alter penetration
speed as needed.
A Scheltzke grout plant with a radio remote allowed the
operator to adjust grout volumes based on the penetration
of the soil mix auger. The MPS 510 Scheltzke is a fully
automated grout plant that is able to provide sufficient
volume of grout for a twin mix jobsite using a silo to feed
cement. No operator is needed, other than to start the unit
and clean it at the end of the day.
By using the ABI twin mix, a better mixing is achieved,
as the two drill heads rotate in opposite directions at
high RPMS. The mixing is so efficient, that only one
column is injected with grout, yet no difference is seen
in the cement mixed columns when exposed.
Soil Mixing was specified because it’s faster and cheaper
than beam and wooden lagging and because it’s vibration
free and low noise construction, which was required
due to the close proximity of residents and the San
Francisco Zoo across the street.
The twin mix auger allowed the contractor to double their
production, compared to a single axis auger, not only
because its 2 augers, but because it mixes far better and
quicker. On this jobsite, with a crew of only 4, they were
able to drill an average of 30 pair of holes per day, or
1,560 linear feet of column.

Compact ABI rig for Rail Foundation work

 123IMG_0130 Untitled5 A specially designed compact ABI rig to meet the requirements of working on top of a railway track. It was also designed to be fitted with:A diesel pile hamerRotary for pre-augeringRotary for small kelly pilesVibrator for pile driving and extractionWith more rail projects in the future, or for small jobsites, this is a machine to consider!

ABI Auger Driver (Pre-bore) with ABI Vibro (Sheet-pile) Combined!

 prebore - rectangle
 sheet pile - rectangle

ABI Mobilram General Features